African Royalty Night

A night of indulgence and elegance to celebrate the diversity of African life through the lenses of its people, nobles, statesmen and royalty. 2019 being earmarked as the year of return for our diasporan kin, CMG is hosting this grand event to reconnect guests to the diverse lineage of our collective ancestry. A themed dinner and danceball evening that showcases the very best of our regalia and limitless servings of Champagne through the night. A highlight of the celebrations would feature intimate performances by our iconic Afrobeats artistes.

  • Details
  • Date: 1st January 2020
  • Location: The Savanah Tea Garden
  • Tickets: $80/SINGLE | $150/COUPLE
  • Dress Code: African Royalty

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The Savannah Tea Garden

It's all about the simplest details.

Savannah Tea Garden is a unique and original collaboration between Tamara Jonah Goka of Lionheart Events and Fred Apaloo of Villa Grace. This unique creative concept aims to guide you to discover and appreciate a modern day tea party, far from the old traditional conception; yes, every Savannah Tea Garden event is a new escapade through a specific atmosphere, decor, catering, music and more, carefully designed and curated by our team.